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        2. Troubleshooting of high speed bending machine
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          High speed bending machine is a complex of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic transmission system, gear transmission and electrical transmission are included in three traditional ways. The design scheme of hydraulic system plays a key role in the design scheme of contemporary mechanical equipment. Therefore, when the hydraulic system of the bending machine breaks down, the damage to all the machine equipment can be said to be fatal.
          Sometimes the fault of the hydraulic system of high-speed bending machine is caused by the fault of a certain component in the system. Therefore, the first one must find out the faulty component, carry out the inspection step by step, find out the cause of the fault in the hydraulic system of the bending machine, and carry out the maintenance for the corresponding phenomenon.
          1. The machine and equipment of the hydraulic transmission system run abnormally, for example, there is no fitness exercise, the fitness exercise is not stable, the fitness exercise direction is wrong, the fitness exercise speed is not in accordance with the regulations, the posture order is disordered, the output force is not stable, the leakage is serious, and the climbing and so on.
          No matter what the causes are, they can be regulated as three problems: flow, pressure and direction.
          2. Check and verify the hydraulic circuit diagram, check each hydraulic component, determine its characteristics and efficacy, and basically identify its exposure.
          3. List the components related to the fault and analyze them one by one. When carrying out this step, one is to make full use of the judgment of the month, and the other is to pay attention to the components that have great harm to the fault.
          4. The components often listed in the list are sorted according to the past work experience and the difficulty coefficient of component inspection. When necessary, dream out the most important check components and the most important check positions of components, and allocate testing instruments.
          5. Carry out initial inspection on the most important inspection elements listed in the list. In the initial inspection, the following phenomena shall be distinguished: whether the application assembly line of the components is suitable; whether the precise measuring equipment, instrument equipment and test standards of the components are suitable; whether the external data signal of the components is suitable; whether the external data signal of the components is not responding, etc. It is necessary to pay attention to the failure precursors of some components, such as high temperature and noise, vibration and leakage, etc.
          6. If the failure is not detected in the initial inspection, the instrument and equipment shall be used for continuous inspection.
          7. Identify the faulty components, repair or replace the unqualified components.
          8. Before restarting the server, be sure to carefully consider the cause and adverse effects of the failure. If the fault is caused by environmental pollution or high oil temperature, it should be thought that other components are also the probability of fault, in addition, effective countermeasures should be taken for potential safety hazards. For example, if the hydraulic oil pump fails due to environmental pollution, the system must be fully and carefully deployed before replacing the pump.
          After clearing the hydraulic system fault of high-speed bending machine, it is not allowed to rush to success and start blindly following the wind. It is necessary to follow certain regulations and procedures to start cutting. Otherwise, when the old fault is cleared, new faults will appear in succession. At this time, new phenomena must be cleared again.

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